Passing Through


I wonder when the contents of my bag started to spill? But does it matter if I didn’t  know that I was dropping what I do not miss?







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4 responses to “Passing Through

  1. a

    I see the Stargate.

  2. Your voice in the silence is lifting the mist!

  3. Do you know me?

    I fall from grace again and again.

    I weep for all that has been lost,
    I weep for all that count the cost.

    The sound of silence just started playing on the radio.

    Goddamn synchs.

    I guess I was meant to pop by here today.

    God knows why.

    Take care kiddo.

    • Hello, my old friend,
      I’ve come to talk to you again
      Because a vision softly creeping,
      Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
      And the vision that was planted in my brain
      Still remains
      Within the sound of silence…

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